Aafes stryker shopette cashier can't count so watch out!

Tacoma, Washington 2 comments

I went to the Stryker Shopette on FT Lewis.I purchased a 1.89 cent candy.

I gave the lady a 20 dollar bill and the cashier gave me change saying I only gave her a ten dollar bill. I complained the lady argued with me the manager took the til to the back office in counted it with out me back there. I know I gave a 20. and they owe me my change and an apology.

I am having this investigated to get to the bottom of this. I will not stop complaining til this is fixed.

The employees were rude to me when they were the ones wrong.

Review about: Candy.



The cameras were played back, and it turns out YOU were WRONG! LOL@ YOU for trying to get an extra 10 bucks.



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